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About: Daniel Goldman

Hello, my name is Daniel Goldman and this site is about the most important brand I own: myself.

I am an aspiring polymath and a rōnin scholar. That is to say that I enjoy studying many different topics, even if they don’t seem related, and I do my own research. I am not part of any institution, and have largely rejected academia in its current form. Instead, I choose largely to publish using open repositories for omniprints. Some of my interests are politics, investing and trading, mathematics, including probability theory and statistics, the scientific and historical study of religion and alcohol, as well as gaming and other geek related topics.

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Where to Find Me

Email: [email protected]

General Social

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Twitter: alc_anthro, politicoid_us, tradingpol_info, geekerskeep
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Writing Platforms

Publish0x: fja (I really need to change this username)
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Gaming Profiles

Splinterlands: Kirroyale


Call Sign: AC2YB
Curriculum Vitae: Daniel Goldman’s C.V.

Other Websites

I run a number of websites, including a few blogs on a variety of topics. Some of these sites are updated more frequently than others, and I do hope that eventually I’ll have grown these brands enough to bring some other people on board.

World Builder

World Builder is a project that started as a desire to create a quality game utilizing the Tron blockchain, but it has grown into a much larger project with a goal to improve the Tron ecosystem, while also utilizing crypto and blockchain technology to improve the human condition. Right now it is primary in the “IGO” stage with the development of mini-games and various micro-dapps to help promote the platform.

Geekers Keep

This blog, which unfortunately hasn’t been heavily maintained lately, focuses on geek related topics, including crowd funded games and technology. I’ve backed a number of Kickstarter and other crowd funding projects, reviewed the campaigns themselves, as well as the resulting products of successful campaigns. I do plan to get a team together over time to test more of these products and provide full reviews.


Politicoid is one of my earliest brands. Its focus is on politics, and it tries to take a fairly scientific and philosophical point of view. My views on government and politics is pretty apparent once yo start reading through the articles.

Trading Politics

Because politics and government has such a large influence on markets, I decided to start a page dedicated to discussing specifically how these systems are interconnected. I do not provide trading advice. The site is for educational purposes and also goes over my trading and investment ideas. Everyone should make sure that they know what they’re getting into before they start putting money into investing or trading. That being said, I try to make guesses on how political events are going to influence markets, especially on the macro level.

Spiritual Anthropologist

Originally called “the alcoholic anthropologist” I decided to change the name to make it a bit more P.C. and also because it works as a great play on words for my interest in the anthropology or alcohol and religion. I am not “spiritual” in the normal sense, and “spiritual” is often just a placeholder for “religious.” I could say that I’m spiritual in another way however: I am interested in the questions that religion tries to answer, but I do not hold a position on those questions. On this blog, you can find a lot of information on the scientific and philosophical study of both religion and alcohol, as well as discussions on my interest in vaccines and public health.

The Guild Association

The Guild Association is a project that I’ve been working on, for a while. The goal is to help create new guilds for various trades. I want to see a return of guilds, because of the way technology is advancing and the economy is changing. We are moving back towards independent contractors, with companies like Uber, AirBnB, etc and gig services like upwork. But none of these organizations are member owned. Their primary objective is to help their shareholders, rather than help independent contractors find work and be successful. It’s time to change that.

See current trial guilds.

Reform Academia

Reform Academia is one of my projects that I hope will come to fruition. Academia has turned from what could essentially be classified as a system of guilds for researchers, into a monopoly on research and a system to make money off of people who need permission slips (degrees) just to have the privilege of applying for a job that they might not get. Reform Academia promotes a shift in the entire way academia is set up. It promotes a breakdown of walls between fields, in order to turn research into a fully trans-disciplinary system. It also encourages open publication and opposes traditional peer review, at least inasmuch as it being the primary mode of scientific communication. Finally, Reform Academia has as one of its goals the integration of project management and design thinking ideas into research. Some information on how to reform scientific research can be found here.

The First Church of Penguinism

I started developing Penguinism many years ago, when my Nephew and I were joking around. It probably started as a comment about the connection between penguins and Linux, but it grew from there. I never really did anything with it, and even though I had wanted to write The Penguinomicon (Penguinist Bible), I never got around to it. But as I commented more about religion and spent some time criticizing religious fundamentalism, I decided it was finally time to go all in on the idea. So I registered and started writing all about Penguinism. It’s certainly grown from there, and while I don’t want it to become an actual religion (though I don’t necessarily mind if it does), I am hoping that I can use the concept to promote various ideas on science, religion, philosophy, and so on.