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Curriculum Vitae

While I do have a few degrees, much of my education is less than typical. I decided that instead of focusing on a single topic, which becomes increasingly narrow, I would make sure that there is significant breadth to my background.

Degrees & Selected Courses

  • A.S. in Computer Science (SUNY Orange)
  • A.S. in Engineering (SUNY Orange)
  • B.S. in Mathematics, minor in Anthropology (SUNY New Paltz)

Selected Work Experience

  • Mathematics and science tutor for SUNY Orange (2003 – 2013)

Volunteer Experience

  • Community Mentor for Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on Coursera (2018 – )
  • Community Mentor for Neuroeconomics on Coursera (2018 – )

Research Experience

  • Archaeology Field School (Undergrad)
  • Archaeology Field School (Grad)
  • Archaeology Research Assistant

Current Research



These are not the only certificates that I’ve obtained, but they represent key concepts that I have learned. Some of these courses are towards Coursera Specializations and will be replaced with the Specialization certificate when the programs are finished. For a more complete list, I have more certificates listed here.

Odds and Ends